Wannacry ransomware

A cyberattack is an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system. Unfortunately, they have been famous in 2017 as a lot of computers and networks have been destroyed. One example was a ransomware by the name of Wannacry. A ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Here is how the Wannacry ransomware cryptoworm was a disaster for 2017.

The Wannacry ransomware propagated through mails and fake download links. It was nearly impossible to see it as it was hiding behind all your files and documents until the hackers who created it activated the program on the 12th of May. When your computer was blocked, a message was displaced on the screen asking for 300$ worth of bitcoin, which is a crypto currency that enables you to buy things without leaving any traces behind. All your documents were encrypted, so they were impossible to read or to decrypt. The only solution would be to pay that bill and hope for the best. Half the people that did pay didn’t get their documents back, and lost 300$.

Only old versions of Microsoft computers (Windows vista, Windows XP, etc.) were targeted as the Microsoft team had forgotten that there was a kill switch somewhere in the code that could be activated. You might think that everyone has at least Windows 7 or higher, and that no one actually got hacked, but over 200 000 computers across 150 countries were. There are a lot of hidden apparatus using Windows Vista as it is very cheap and easy to use, such as in medical systems, vending machines, ATM’s and so on. As you probably know, a ton of hospitals have been forced to change all their equipment in weeks. This was a disaster as a lot of hospitals have data bases to store people’s medical information, but they lost everything.

In conclusion, the Wannacry ransomware cryptoworm was an economical and technological disaster. No one was expecting such an event as computer are safer nowadays. I can give you some advice to avoid getting hacked: firstly I think that you should always keep an eye on the websites you visit and the emails you receive. The other advice that I can give you is to keep your computer software updated, because it will be more protected than the previous one. If you follow those advices, you should have no problems in the future.



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