Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest and maybe even the best footballer and sportsman in the world nowadays. This summer, after 9 years playing for the Spanish top club Real Madrid, with which he won 4 Champions Leagues, Ronaldo transferred to Juventus in Turin, Italy for 105 million euros with a new contract. He is supposed to get more than 30 million euros per year with taxes included, this is an enormous amount of money. Cristiano, during his first interview with Juventus stated he chose to come to Turin because Juventus offered him a place in a Top Club despite his age. This is because being a 33 year-old football player usually means heading towards the end of the career, where he usually you aren’t top ranked anymore.
But how sure are we that reason why Cristiano Ronaldo came to Italy isn’t simply for the

It is common knowledge that Real Madrid, to persuade him into remaining in the team,
offered him a new contract with 10 million more euros than the contract Juventus was
offering his Top Player. Unexpectedly the footballer rejected without thinking twice. Cristiano Ronaldo had other reasons such as the money Ronaldo has to pay in taxes, given he has had lots of troubles in the past with the Spanish law for not paying taxes. According to the accusation, in fact, the attacker would have evaded 14.7 million coming from the exploitation of image rights, money that would have been diverted to companies based in the British Virgin Islands. At the end Cristiano Ronaldo resolved his dispute by pleading guilty to the four tax crimes contested before the Council of State, obtaining a sentence of 2 years in prison (6 months for each charge) and a fine of 18.8 million.

Then why Italy? Is it better than Spain in terms of taxes? Partially.
According to Article “24-bis”, it was made to attract more wealthy people in Italy in order to make them invest more on the country. The Portuguese champion will be able to pay a
flat-rate tax of 100,000 euros a year for all his earnings from abroad, for a maximum duration of fifteen years. In addition, always according to the law, he will be able to extend the flat-rate scheme to his family by paying 25,000 euros for each member, while there would be no taxes on succession and donations.

In addition, the footballer owns various brands world-wide famous like “CR7 cloth-brand”, “Pestana”, a hotel chain placed in famous cities. Moreover, Ronaldo has a life contract with the brand “Nike.” ( Also taking a look at them which Forbes estimated for 2017 at 54 million, no doubt for the striker his arrival at Juventus it was a bargain in every sense. However, for the money he has earned and will spend in Italy he will pay the same taxes as all the other Italians that have his same income. For example in a salary of 60 million euros, 30 million of these will go int taxes. At the end Cristiano Ronaldo transfer brought much more views to the Serie A, which is the Italian League.
Furthermore, the State would not lose, indeed it would gain from the expansion of the tax base resulting from the maxi engagements, as well as the livening up of the entire national football industry, which would end up expanding the business, creating new jobs and triggering the classic virtuous circle. Also, for this, Ronaldo will give the general public and people with the same salaries the idea that particularly high taxes are just an obstacle for the economy rather than a form of support.

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