Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies, a growing asset class is taking over !

The wise of Bitcoins’ Core


In the inside’s bitcoin seem very complex and diverse compared to the traditional currencies, such as $, £… To fully understand and interpretative bitcoins you have to comprehend its definition.

What is a Bitcoin? Let me answer this question. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not backed by any country’s central bank or government, it can be traded for goods or services with vendors who accept bitcoins as payment. In simple words this means that Bitcoin is an alternative way of paying for your online shopping. As its definition says, it is not affiliated to any bank nor governments. This is one of the main reasons for which people are less willing to use or invest in Bitcoin. It has been several times related to criminality, some people who are interested in using it are the same ones who don’t want their financial record to be tracked or to be found guilty for illegal acts. This new hi-tech currency is double-sided. In the first case, is a way to go beyond the law for personal or money-related purposes. In the other hand, is developing the concept of virtual currency, which has led technology to take a leap of light years for a future better perception.


Procedure and Features

Bitcoin is decentralised, the process by which the activity is distribute or delegate away from a central, authoritative location, hence no single institution controls bitcoin network. It is only maintained by a group of unknown volunteer coders and run by a network of computers settled around the world. Thanks to this feature Bitcoin solves the double spending problems of crypto currencies, by which digital assets are easy to copy and re-use.

Bitcoin transactions (can’t be tampered with) this means it cannot be modified from the network record, after one hour has passed, this feature is called immutability.

Bitcoin is also divisible, usually for small transactions vendor ask for satoshi which is equivalent to one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. This is and additional characteristics that common electronically value don’t have.

The way this virtual network works is not easy to catch at first, try by taking a risk and invest from £250 in bitcoin trading platforms. These companies allow the average person the opportunity to cash in on the bitcoin boom, even if they don’t have any investing or technology experience.


Future Aspirations

A bitcoin might be said last forever just like 2 is a positive number. However, the ability to spend bitcoin will be much shorter. Bitcoins process starts by a digitally signing a transaction which transfers amount of money from one address to another address. In order to do this, you use your pass key (stored in a secure place). The transaction must then be ‘mined’… As you have noticed there is a variety of steps which must work together in order for you to transfer bitcoin. The main uncertainty for the future is based on the fact that no human proof can be attribute to bitcoins’ value.

Bitcoin is having a wilds ride in 2018. The digital currency began the year on high note. Bitcoin prices nearly reached £18,000 in December 2017 as investors poured into cryptocurrencies. Many current valuations see a bright future, believing that cryptocurrencies could revolutionise the whole money system. Investors are questioning themselves whether to wait for other emerging currencies or continue to invest, Bitcoin has notable advantage, for example its widespread recognition, on the other hand the transactions are becoming more expensive. At the same time, the threat of regulation hangs over the whole sector. Will governments accept currencies on which they have no control?

If you are going to invest remember to take calculated risks.



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