Why computer science?

Among all the subjects and choices, why do I suggest you choose computer science? The first digital computer was invented in 1946. Soon, the first microcomputer was created in 1973. This opened a new age of technology for human beings.

According to research done, the job outlook for computer science jobs is predicted to grow 11% from 2014-2024. This percentage is higher than any other occupations. The computer science sector will be a fast-growing industry with almost limitless employment opportunities. Furthermore, even now a lot of sectors require having basic Excel, Word etc and computer programming skills. Therefore, we can see that in the future, basic computer skills will be required from every employer. Even now, we can see that many jobs have already been replaced by AI, robots and machines as they are much cheaper and can work for 24 hours every day.At the moment our world is surrounded by different technologies, such as phones, computers, or even shoes. These are all related to computer science.

With having a better understanding of the world of computer science, you can also be more efficient in your working. For example, with Maths the concepts you learned in computer science, you can also apply to Maths . The reason for this is because computer science consists of a lot of logical thinking, just like Math. Also, once you become an expert on the computer, then you can create your functions and programs with codes. For example, in a calculator you can create shortcuts which can save your time during exams. Furthermore, you can also design games or programs which can be a source of income at a young age

The average salaries for computer science-related jobs are around $110,100, and average starting salaries are around $65900, which is almost the highest earning job. In the future, this will only go up, as more and more jobs will then be replaced by different computer science technologies, such as driverless cars. With having computer skills, then you can develop a lot of different job skills. This can include being a mathematician, a teachers, or even a physicist. Therefore, you can also have an option to become a person who has several jobs at the same time. This will make you earn not just the salaries from computer science but also salaries from other tasks that you are doing.

Computer science can also change the way you look at the world. Before you learn, compute science when you look at apps and programs, you know they are made up of code. However, after you learn computer science, then when you look at them again, you see different things. They could be made up of java, python or even just some binary numbers. Furthermore, with computer science, it can make you think differently. For example, when are trying to solve a computer science problem people who don’t understand computer science will only look at the things that are in front of them. This will never let the person solve the problem. However, if you look at the question from another point of view, you will realize how easy the issue was. Therefore, computer science can also make you more creative and innovative.

The computer science language is also the same worldwide. Therefore, no matter where on planet Earth you go, the language you are going to use is still the same, not like other jobs such as pure sciences or engineering. Once you’ve changed your workplace to a country that has a different language to you, this then will result in a communication problem that can cause a lot of consequences. If you are studying coding or web designing, you can work in your own house. This means you can have a more flexible working time, not like other jobs,, which can have less flexibility.

In conclusion, choosing computer science will not only give you more options in your future careers, but it will also give you a better chance to survive in the future, when a lot of jobs will soon be replaced by robots. However, the role of designing those robots will never disappear.

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