Japanese Food – four amazing things a foodie has to indulge in when visiting Japan!

Japan is famous for many things. From anime to maid cafes, to their incredulous, not only tasty, but also healthy food. In this article, I will be guiding you through the must-haves that should never be missed when visiting Japan. 

  1. Rice with…anything!

The well-known sticky rice that is known to be used in sushi, another famous food from Japan, that goes with every type of food. It is harvested in the countryside from Japan and there are several different types, “Koshihikari” and “Akita Komachi” being the ones used in their cuisine most often.

Rice in general is eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner and counts as the basics of the basics in Japanese food culture. If you’re in Japan, you’ll encounter it with many other things such as miso soup, unagi (eel) or just with soy sauce. 

Japanese rice is more than just normal rice, it is a whole new experience.

  1. Ramen

Due to globalisation, we already have many ready-to-eat ramen options in the west to choose from. Still, when going to Japan you’ll discover many other brands you may not know yet. And trust me on this: they are all amazing! 

In addition to this, I recommend going into really traditional ramen shops where you have to order and pay at a machine. The cooks will fascinate you with their skills!

  1. Meat

Ever heard of Japanese kobe beef? One word: amazing. It’s not only healthy but also nutritious and as with ramen, there are many different kinds to choose from. Wherever you go in Japan you will never find bad quality meat. It is a dream come true for meat lovers.

  1. Just any sushi

Over the century, quite a lot of people have come to know and love sushi. There are several varieties but the most well-known (or traditional as most commonly found in Japan) is the one called “nigiri”; it consists of a small piece of rice with a big slice of any kind of fish on top of it.

If you go to a moderate to good sushi restaurant, you will notice that contrary to the sushi mostly consisting of salmon, you will encounter many other different amazingly tasting types of fish. 

The one you should have definitely tried is fatty tuna. It is actually quite commonly found in sushi restaurants in Japan so there should be no trouble finding that!

In conclusion, Japanese food is one of the greatest experiences you will have while visiting Japan ;). Do not shy away from whatever food experience you may encounter and just enjoy yourself. You won’t regret it!

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